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TEMP heating units with axial fans, metal casings and II and III rows heaters adapted for supplying with water of temperature up to 150/100°C or with steam under pressure up to 0,6 MPa are the most universal offer of the devices  for heating such compartments as: production warehouses, workshops, storage warehouses, retail pavilions, show and sports halls etc.
Heating-ventilating units are manufactured by adding to the heating TE
MP units TEMP the roof or wall intakes and the intake boxes which enable to determine the proportion of mixing fresh and circulating air.
Units are adapted to operate in horizontal position as the ceiling units as well as in vertical position as the wall units. In both positions the heaters construction ensures the opportunity of complete deaeration and dehydration.
Regarding the air capacity TE
MP 0; 1; 2; units has the same capacity as the PALM heating units with the simultaneous increasing of achieved thermal power, thermal mediums and the opportunity for using them for heating and ventilating.


Series of types of units include 5 sizes.
The unit consists of:
axial fan;
water heater (metal louvre or bimetal) or steam heater (bimetal);
external casing;
single-row inlet grid
Fin water heaters are made of the copper pipes with internal diameter of 12mm and of aluminum fins with spacing s=2,4 mm.
Bimetal water heaters are made of steel pipes with external diameter d=16 mm as well as of spirally rolled aluminum ribbing with external diameter of the element D=38mm and the ribs spacing s=2,8mm. Steam heaters are made of steel pipes with the external diameter d=25mm and spirally threaded aluminum ribbing with external diameter D=58mm and the ribs spacing 2,8mm or 5mm.
Units with fin water heaters or bimetal heaters are with internal threads and units with steam heaters are with external threads.
In the units which are intended to operate as the ceiling units the outlet grid can be replaced with the slot diffusser or with the exhaust nozzle.
Slot diffuser enables heating people staying zone with secondary air stream.
Exhaust nozzle enables the increase the range of the supply air stream. For mounting the units on the brackets at the wall or on the floor feet (TE
MP 0;1; 2;) or arms (TEMP 3;4) located in the lower part of the casing are used.
In order to undersling the units to the ceiling 4 screws located on the both sides of the casing (T
EMP 0; 1; 2) are used or blind rivets nuts which enable suspending with use of the threaded bars (TEMP 3;4).


Units with fin water heater can be supplied with water of temperature 150°C or lower and with the operational pressure up to 1,5MPa, and with bimetal water heater they can be supplied with water of temperature up to 150/70°C and with operational pressure up to 1,6 MPa.
Units with steam heater (only wall mounted) can by supplied with stem under pressure of up to 0,6 Mpa.
MP 0;1 units fans are supplied only with single phase motors 230 V, 50 Hz.
MP 2 units fans are supplied with three phase motors 400 V, 50 Hz or with single phase motors 230V; 50Hz.
MP 3; 4 units fans are supplied only with the three-phase motors 400V; 50Hz.
On buyer's request units TE
MP 1;2; 3; 4; can be equipped with the motors with the increased level of anti-explosive protection.



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